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Invite your artists on Stagent for Agencies
Invite your artists on Stagent for Agencies

Learn how to expand your roster and invite your artists.

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How to Invite Your Artists on Stagent

Stagent is a powerful platform that allows you to manage and collaborate with your team of artists. One of the key features of Stagent is the ability to invite your artists for their special 'Agency Connect' artist team. This allows them to access and view the bookings your agency has created and stay updated on the latest developments related to your bookings.

Step 1: Log in to Stagent

In order to invite your artists, you will need to log in to your Stagent account. Once logged in, navigate to your roster from the left menu.

Step 2: Add your Artist

Next to being able to add artists to your roster, the overview also shows which artists have accepted their invitation and have verified their artist team. Select 'New Artist', fill in the artist name and continue with the email address to directly invite your artist.


Step 3: Manage Your Artists

Congratulations, you have successfully invited your artist to join your team on Stagent! You can now manage their access and permissions on your team page. You can also add more artists by following the same process.

If you would like to invite an artist to Stagent after you've created them, simply go to your roster overview, selecht the artist, fill in their email adress, customize the message and press: 'Send invitation'.

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