Change general team settings

Learn how to change your team name, company details and preferences.

  1. From the left menu, press the button 'Settings'.
  2. You'll see an overview of your team settings, divided in 8 categories:
    1. Team details: Basic information, like the team's name and company details used for contracts and invoices.
    2. Team preferences: Information and preferences to configure your Stagent experience.
    3. Invoice preferences: Information to configure your invoices generated by Stagent, such as: Logo, due days, terms, next invoice number and payment details. In addition to the option to automatically send reminders for overdue invoices and the option to send all invoices to a BCC address.
    4. Contract Preferences: Information used to configure your contracts, generated by Stagent, such as: Logo, next contract number, the option to send all contracts to a BCC address, the option to automatically include press kits to contracts and who's the main signer for all contracts.
    5. Team members: Manage who can access your team and set their specific roles.
    6. Custom fields: Add custom fields to your liking to customize Stagen by adding extra recurring information fields.
    7. Templates: Create and manage all your contract templates.
    8. Subscription: Download invoices, manage payment methods and renew or cancel your
  3. Change the information and make sure to press the button 'Save' in each of the categories.

Note: Team owners also have the option on the bottom of their team settings to delete their team, please note that deleting your team is permanent and you won't be able to access your bookings, documents or contacts.


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