Create a booking

Learn how to create a booking and add important information to your event.

Note: You need to create an artist for the specific event prior to creating the booking in order to be able to select the right contact.

Stagent groups multiple bookings by event and allows you to add multiple bookings to an event when you add a new event. You can also edit or add bookings after creating an event.

  1. From the (left) events menu, press the button 'Bookings'.
  2. You'll see an overview of all bookings within your team. In the top right corner, press the button 'New Event'.
  3. Fill in the event name, venue name and select the buyer. 
  4. Continue by selecting the artist, date and duration of the booking (for that specific artist). In case multiple artist on your roster play during the same show, simply press the button: 'Add another' and repeat this step, before pressing the button: 'Create'.
  5. Once you've successfully created your event, you'll be redirected to the main overview of your event. The overview shows the artists booked, the event deal, contract(s), venue and allows you to add specific notes to the booking.

Note: Make sure you're not missing out important information for your booking by completing the: 'Set up your event' checklist!

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