Choose the right team

Wether you're an agency or an artist, learn what the right team type is for you.

When you're new to Stagent, one of the first steps to take is deciding what team type you'll need when visiting the pricing page.

Artist plans

Artist plans are focused on artists who are in charge of their own bookings. Team members for artist teams are considered managers, fellow band members or the second member of a DJ duo. Standard artist plans are only available for artist invited by a booking agency and are not able to enter own bookings into Stagent. A professional artist plan allows for unlimited team members to be invited and can manage up to 10 bookings per month and advanced plan unlimited bookings.

Agency plans

Agency plans are focused on booking agencies and management agencies who are in charge of multiple artists. Team members are considered fellow booking agents or members of their agency who handle bookings or need to be able to view the bookings. All plans allow for unlimited team members to be invited. Furthermore, with a standard agency plan you can handle up to 10, 25 or 50 bookings per month for up to 10 artists, a professional plan has unlimited bookings for 20 or 40 artist and advanced plan unlimited everything.

Not sure what plan to choose? Don't hesitate to reach out through the helpdesk chat or by email.

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