'In the night' bookings explained

Learn how the 'in the night' function on Stagent works and how you can effectively communicate these bookings in a way that it's clear for everyone when this booking actually takes place.

Stagent uses the effective booking date, so if the event takes place on Saturday, and the artist has been booked for 2am, the effective booking date is Sunday 2am. Stagent automatically shows 'In the night' bookings on the day before. This means the booking in the example above will be displayed as a booking on Saturday. This logic automatically applies to all bookings that happen between 00:00am and 08:00am.

Here's an example:

Bookings now clearly show on what day artists have to perform and get notified by Stagent when an in the nighnt booking is taking place:

Stagent also offers a calendar integration to sync bookings to your favorite calendar app. To correctly display the 'in the night' bookings, Stagent will  add a new full day event the day before the 'In the night' booking. Multiple 'In the night' bookings will change the label of the full day event.

CleanShot 2023-02-24 at 16.15.46@2x.png

It's worth mentioning that Stagent does not change any dates, but only changes the day (Monday, etc), grouping and sorting order. Dates on invoices and contracts remain untouched.

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