Set-up Stripe Connect for online payments

Learn how to set-up Stripe Connect, to manage automatic and online payments.

  1. From the left menu, press the button 'Settings' under team.
  2. You'll see an overview of your team settings, press 'Invoice Preferences'.
  3. Press the text: 'Set up Stripe Connect'.

4. Complete the process and create an account to start receiving payments through stripe.

5. Once completed, Stagent will automatically log incoming payments through Stripe Connect and notify you when payments are made.

Note: Every charge made through Stripe Connect requires a small transaction fee to be paid, based on our application fee and Stripe's processing fees. Stagent's application fee is automatically deducted (see diagram below) in the form of a percentage: 1.8% (for a charge of 10$ this means 18ยข).

Want to understand how Stripe Connect builds up it's fee?


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