Booking request widget

Stagent offers a booking request widget that you can add to your website with just a single line of code. With this widget, your website visitors will be able to place a booking request. This request will be pushed to Stagent as a 'Requested' booking. It will also send a notification to you.

From the bookings overview page, you'll find a button 'Booking widget'. This opens a popup where you can adjust the widget to your liking. 

You can set the primary color of your widget to any rgb color. You can convert a hex color here.

Font family
For fonts we use Google Fonts, you can search for any Google Font.

Book unavailable days
Here you either enable or disable if you want incoming requests for artists set to unavailable for certain dates.

Limit artists
If you don't want to include all artists from your roster, you can use the limit artists feature. The selected artists will appear in the widget.

For agency teams

As an agent you can also generate an artist specific widget by going to Roster > Artist > Booking widget.

As an agent you can also generate an artist specific widget by going to Roster > Artist > Booking widget.

Add to website

You can add the widget to your (or your artists') website by copying the generated code to your website's code. It doesn't matter where you place the code, but we advise to either place it just before the </head>. The generated code won't be affected by changes you make in in the popup. Need help with integrating the code? Feel free to reach out to us.

Widget JavaScript SDK

The Stagent JS API exposes the following methods to the global object:  Stagent. You can use them to control your booking widget programmatically.

Open widget
Simply opens the widget.


Open specific artist (agency teams only)
Opens the widget with an artist preselected.


Note: You can find the artist_id in the url by going to roster > artist.

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