Manage booking finances

Learn how to change your tax settings, edit the project deal and generate invoices.

Note: Make sure to go to your team setting and complete your standard invoice preferences (logo, due days, terms, next invoice number and payment details).

  1. From the (left) events menu, press the button 'Bookings'.
  2. You'll see an overview of all bookings within your team. Select the booking for which you would like to manage the finances.
  3. In your booking overview, click on the third tab 'Finance'.
  4. Start by adding the individual artist deals, by clicking on the pencil next to their name.

  5. Fill in the artist fee and the booking fee for the booking agency as percentage or flat fee.
  6. Once completed, you'll be redirected back to the finance tab. Press the button 'Settings' next to deal for event to open the finance (tax) settings.
    Alternatively, you can go to your team settings and change your standard finance (tax) preferences and booking fee for new bookings.
  7. Now that your booking finances are all set, you're ready to create your invoice. Press the button 'Generate' in the invoices menu of the finance tab.
  8. Double check and edit the invoice number, recipient name and due date. Finally fill in the terms of the invoice and press the button 'Generate'.

  9. Once a (partial) payment is made, record the amount in the invoice tab by pressing the icon with the file and checkmark, next to the eye. Fill in the amount and the date of the payment.

    The invoice will change dynamically with payments made to display the outstanding due balance.

    Note: Stagent has the option to send all invoices to a BCC address (for example to your accounting email). This option can be found in the team settings invoice preferences:

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