Manage (custom) expenses

Learn how to add expenses for itinerary items or custom expenses.

  1. From the left menu, press the button 'Bookings'.
  2. You'll see an overview of all bookings within your team. Select the booking for which you would like to manage the finances.
  3. In your booking overview, click on the third tab 'Finance'.
  4. Press the button 'Add Expenses' in the expenses menu.
  5. Itinerary items, such as: Accommodations, flights and pickupswill show up per artist and can be added as expense. Alternatively custom expenses can be added by writing a description of the expense and selecting the artist.

  6. The added expenses will show up in the expenses menu. Fill in the cost, tax percentage and who is responsible for paying the expense and handling the expense.

    Note: When the 'Paid by' is set to 'Buyer', the expense will be added to the total payment amount of the booking and show up on the invoice.
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