Manage event details

Learn how to manage your venue details and change the event name.

  1. From the (left) events menu, press the button 'Bookings'.
  2. You'll see an overview of all bookings within your team. Select the booking for which you would like to manage the event or venue details.
  3. In your booking overview, press the button 'Manage venue' to the right of your screen.
  4. We've integrated Google Maps in the venue details to help you automatically fill in the venue information. Simply start by filling in the name of the venue, and select the right location from the suggestions. Press the button 'Save' when finished.

  5. You've now updated your venue details and will see a little map with the location of your venue. To change the event details, click on the button 'Manage event' in the event card.
  6. Change the event details and press the button 'Save'.
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