Subscribe to calendar feed

Learn how to subscribe to your calendar so your bookings appear in your favorite calendar app without having to open Stagent.

Artist specific feeds (for agency teams)

Need a feed specifically for one of your artists? Follow this article.

  1. From the (left) events menu, press the button 'Bookings'.
  2. Press the button 'Subscribe to calendar, to the middle right of your screen.

  3. Select what booking data you would like to subscribe to and press the button: 'copy to clipboard'.

    Google Calendar
  • Now that the link is copied to your clipboard, go to your favorite calendar app (Google Calendar for example) and look for the option 'add calendar from URL' in the settings.

  • Paste the URL and press 'Add calendar', your bookings will now be synced with your calendar automatically.

    Apple Calendar
  • Open the calendar app on your Apple device and press the button 'Calendars'.
  • Touch the button 'Add Calendar', followed by 'Add Subscription Calendar'.

  • Paste the URL and press 'Subscribe', your bookings will now be synced with your calendar automatically
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